Мелвин Брэгг


Мелвин Брэгг, барон Брэгг (Melvyn Bragg) р. 6 октября 1939 года, г. Карлайл, Англия) — английский теле- и радиоведущий и писатель, наиболее известный своей работой на Би-би-си и как автор и ведущий телепередачи «Саут Бэнк Шоу» (англ. The South Bank Show, 1978 – 2010 гг.). С 1998 года он провел более 550 выпусков еженедельного цикла радиобесед на радио Би-би-си «В наше время» (англ. In Our Time).


For Want of a Nail (1965)
The Second Inheritance (1966)
Without a City Wall (1970) За городской стеной

The Cumbrian Trilogy:

The Hired Man (1969)
A Place in England (1970) В Англии
Kingdom Come (1980)

The Nerve (1971)
Josh Lawton (1972)
The Silken Net (1974)
A Christmas Child (1977)
Autumn Manoeuvres (1978)
My Favourite Stories of Lakeland (editor) (1981)
Love and Glory (1983)
The Maid of Buttermere (1987) Дева Баттермира
The Second Inheritance (1990)
A Time to Dance (1990)
Crystal Rooms (1992)
Credo (1996) aka The Sword and the Miracle

The Soldier's Return Quartet:

The Soldier's Return (1999)
A Son of War (2001)
Crossing the Lines (2003)
Remember Me... (2008)

Grace and Mary (2013)
Now is the Time (2015)

Non-fiction books

Speak For England (1976)
Land of The Lakes (1983)
Laurence Olivier (1984)
Cumbria in Verse (editor) (1984)
Rich: The Life of Richard Burton (1988)
King Lear in New York (1994)
On Giants' Shoulders (1998)
Two Thousand Years Part 1: The Birth of Christ to the Crusades (1999)
Two Thousand Years Part 2 (1999)
The Routes of English (2001)
The Adventure of English (2003)
Twelve Books That Changed the World (2006)
In Our Time: A Companion to the Radio 4 series (editor) (2009)
The Book of Books (2011)
William Tyndale: A Very Brief History (2017)

Children's books

A Christmas Child (1977)
My Favourite Stories of Lakeland (editor) (1981)


The Debussy Film (1965)[6]
Isadora (1968) (with Clive Exton and Margaret Drabble)
Play Dirty (1968)
The Music Lovers (1970) (directed by Ken Russell)
Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) (co-written and directed by Norman Jewison)

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