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Смерть придумали люди

Смерть придумали люди.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a multiple Origins Award winning and nominated survival horror tabletop role-playing game (RPG) produced by Eden Studios, Inc. using the Unisystem game system. AFMBE is derived from the traditional horror movie depictions of zombies who rise from the dead as mindless monsters that consume the living. In addition to producing a revised edition and many RPG supplements, there have been many works of fiction published that take place in one of the game’s many settings.

Unknown Armies - Core Rules 2nd Edition

Unknown Armies (abbreviated UA) is an occult-themed role playing game by John Tynes and Greg Stolze and published by Atlas Games. Subtitled "A roleplaying game of power and consequences".

The revised and expanded 2nd edition was published in a hardbound format in 2002 (with a second printing in 2004 and a third printing in 2007).