M. C. Beaton



mysevra про Beaton: The Vicious Vet [en] (Иронический детектив) 02 11
This woman is so obsessive! She is pretty smart, but she loses her mind every time when she sees any man who is right up her alley. When I read about this pursuit, I feel burning Spanish shame.
But I like the story itself.
Оценка: отлично!

mysevra про Beaton: The Quiche of Death [en] (Иронический детектив) 14 10
And where is the all-too-common ‘stiff upper lip’? Nah! Instead there are woman brawls, dog shit throwing at the window and a show of male strippers as a gift from one Ladies’ Society to another. The book has a fascinating description of the authentic manners and customs of the english countryside from native author. But, joking aside, this is very cozy and kind book. Amusing!
Оценка: отлично!