Серебряная маца и другие истории (fb2)

Гершон Кранцлер перевод: Ирина Александровна Москвина-Тарханова   Валентина Сергеевна Кулагина-Ярцева
Серебряная маца и другие истории 564K, 53 с.
издано в 1991 г. Гешарим /Мосты культуры
Добавлена: 21.11.2010


Сборник еврейских сказок на тему "все нас обижают".Jewish life through the centuries was a mixture of great piety and everpresent danger; of intense Torah living and constant peril. The Silver Matzoth is a collection of ten exciting stories that portray Jewish lives in other times and other lands. Filled with intrigue, adventure and mystery, replete with accurate historical detail, each story is alive with the pulse and fervor of pious Jews who strive to serve their Creator despite the hostile, threatening society that was all around them.
"The Secret Compartment" set in the city of Baghdad; the fourteenth-century "Bootmaker of Regensburg"; the medieval Jews of Crohnheim in "The Strange Weapon" - all come alive as inspiring instances of the Jews' stubborn, never-ending faith in G-d and His Torah.
Anyone who has read the previous stories by Gershon Kranzler {Yoshko the Dumbbell, The Golden Shoes) will not need to be told that pages of enjoyable and worthwhile reading make up this new collection of stories from his gifted pen.

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