Эбби Грин


Abby Green was born in London, but soon afterwards moved back to her mother's native Dublin. She grew up there, going to boarding school just outside the city. As an only child, her love of books came early, and she read everything from Enid Blyton to George Orwell voraciously.
While on school holidays one year in her early teens, she discovered a Mills & Boon romance novel. The rest is history. Back in school, she would speed read the requisite reading—Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations to allow time to squeeze in a couple of Mills & Boon books a week!
As time marched on, studying for exams and looking for work took time away from her romance books, although she'd always manage to make a dash into a bookshop and stock up when she could.
After final school exams, and on receiving a place in Sussex University to do social anthropology, Abby took a year out to make some money. In that year, completely by chance, she got a job as an assistant director on a short film. By the time the year was up and she was due to take her place in college, she was working on Braveheart! So another year was deferred…then another…then another. College fell by the wayside and she pursued a career in film and TV in Ireland. She's very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience working abroad over the years on different films in Malaysia, Slovakia and Namibia.
But the long hours and very unglamorous work began to take their toll after a decade! Her love for Mills & Boon books reared its head again. On the advice of a flatmate who often talked about trying to write a romance novel, Abby saw her chance to take another path.
After noting the requirements for sending a submission to Mills & Boon in London, she sat down and set to work. Even though her career didn't happen straight away and with one rejection before her acceptance, writing for the Modern/Presents line of Harlequin Mills & Boon felt so familiar it was almost uncanny!
To have been accepted and now published for the iconic Mills & Boon brand is a dream come true, and she hopes that you enjoy her books as much as she enjoys writing them! You can contact Abby at .

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